Cyber Apocalypse 2022

Omega One

Solved by: Taz34

We are given a 64bit binary and an output file. In the output file we have a list:

Now to understand the working of the binary better, I fired-up Cutter So in the main function we found a list, in which every character has been assigned a name similar to which are in the output.txt file

Hence we have to just replace each name in the output.txt with the letters assigned to them in the list shown above. I have trimmed out the file to make it easy

k: Lendrens
d: Thauv\'i
P: Throrqiek
e: Inqods
6: Tarquts
p: Dut
A: Krolkel
n: Emoi
|: Dakroith
*: Creiqex
Y: Thomois
4: Groz\'ens
D: Urqek
v: Nid
H: Crerceon
#: Yonphie
S: Xits
I: Thohul
W: Zahrull
i: Om\'ons
F: Kradraks
+: Ielkul
q: Vranix
M: Trun
h: Craz\'ails
.: Xoq\'an
r: Ukox
N: Evods
;: Taxan
b: Munis
g: Trurkror
?: Tulphaer
_: Ehnu
$: Krets
:: Grons
): Ingell
(: Ecruns
m: Khehlan
R: Velzaeth
Q: Cuhix
l: Vinzo
E: Istrur
>: Zuvas
s: Honzor
0: Ukteils
}: Baadix
{: Zonnu
\\: Aarcets
[: Nevell
!: Dhohmu
X: Xan
O: Zissat
x: Iscax
t: Pheilons
`: Ghiso
-: Scrigvil
B: Ummuh
u: Inphas
/: Vurqails
a: Vruziels
:: Ghut\'ox
^: Aahroill
L: Gairqeik
U: Qeks
\': Scuvvils
3: Ohols
5: Som\'ir
C: Onzear
2: Dhaesux
w: Falnain
 : Draalpho
G: Yemor
c: Thraurgok
\: Vogeath
1: Cuzads
Z: Gagro
=: Zad
f: Dhieqe
&: Xustrek
o: Harned
V: Dhulgea
y: Zimil
z: Thretex
8: Bravon
%: Krugreall
J: Vaendred
@: Osux
T: Ezains
K: Mik\'ed
<: Cruz\'oll
]: Dhognot
7: Drids
9: Drercieks
j: Statars

We can use the grep command to cut out only the strings we need

now simply replace these values with the respective letters and we have the flag.

Published on : 21 May 2022