Wpictf 2021


solved by : chronocruz.exe

  • Using gbgw64 Gameboy emulator
  • Load up the provided pokemon ROM
  • Start the game
  • Continue to tall grasses towards north after exiting your house
  • Professor Oak will stop you saying its dangerous to go without a pokemon
  • Then he will take you to his lab and give a choice between three pokeballs
  • Left most = Charmander
  • Middle = Squirtle
  • Right most = Bulbasaur
  • (Not that these choices matter anyway)
  • Soon as you pick your pokemon your rival will choose his pokeball and no matter which one he choses he will get a Mewtwo, which is basically the strongest pokemon in this game. And it is level 50 to further salt your wounds.

  • Simple way to win, find the cheat menu within your gameboy emulator
  • (In gbgw64 you just right click and there it is)
  • Add the following codes
  • 01FF16D0 - Unlimited HP so you don’t die
  • 0170E9CF - Enemy can’t attack and is hurt every turn with a burn status effect
  • Patiently keep attacking your enemy till his health drops to zero and you get the following screen.

  • Congratulations, you’re the best pokemon trainer (not really).
Published on : 26 Apr 2021