Wpictf 2021


solved by : chronocruz.exe

  • We are provided with Minecraft world data.
  • Extract the files and now we need a tool called the NBT Explorer which can be used to read Minecraft’s proprietary Named Binary Tag (NBT) file format.
  • Now the description says three players ran off with the flag.
  • So the flag must be split between the three players.

  • Opening the first file in playerdata folder we get

  • Further expanding and studying the tree we find

  • The value of EnderItems > tag > display > Name seems to be the end part of a flag. Note this value down.

  • Repeating the process for the next playerdata file

  • This time we find a flag like string in Inventory > tag > pages

  • For the third playerdata however :

    • There was no relevant information directly visible in the data.
    • Looking at the coordinates of the player we find

  • Using the Search > Chunk Finder function
  • We input X and Z coordinates but I was unable to find the exact chunk/block values.

  • Moving onto a second tool called Universal Minecraft Editor which a wonderful tool available for free at https://www.universalminecrafteditor.com/

  • We load the minecraft world data into this tool and using the chunk locator input X and Z coordinates

  • We see there is a sign post within the chunk we located.
  • Opening this chunk reveals the in-game objects within this region and their attributes

  • We clearly see the value of Text2 looks like the beginning of our string
  • Concatenating the three parts we get the full string that is our flag
Published on : 26 Apr 2021