Uiuctf 2021

Chaplin’s PR Nightmare - 6

Solved by : choco

“Wow Charlie even set up a linkedin account, but not well it is kind of a mess. Is the PR nightmare here?? The inner content of this flag begins with “pr”“ This time you should go to linkedin to search up their name.

I searched up “C3D” as specified from their website to get their profile


Go to their owners page and under his profile he’ll mention “I ran a event called “Top Hat Development Night”. It was very cool, you can find it on linkedin still search it up”

Search up “Top Hat Development Night” under events and you’ll get the event and flag under it


Flag: uiuctf{pr0f3s5iOn@l_bUs1n3sS_envIroNm3n7}
Published on : 12 Aug 2021