Uiuctf 2021

Chaplin’s PR Nightmare - 3

Solved by : choco

“Charlie even has a website!!! Find it and look around! The inner content of this flag begins with “ch”

Under the youtube “about” page from above you’ll get the link to their website


Scroll down on the home page and you’ll see an album of 3 pictures of charlie If you look closely on the picture of charlie with a macintosh, you’ll get the flag https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/qa6GoXttPCeo63Stxl8lJUNzxXZQ-TEac2HGMLKDsd1h3pEoE6MvQCS1ZdZ-x41n2mP398ke75tKKAg1B5w6niI=w16383

Flag: uiuctf{ch@pl1n_i5_eL337}
Published on : 12 Aug 2021