Uiuctf 2021

Chaplin’s PR Nightmare - 1

Solved by : choco

“Charlie Chaplin has gotten into software development, coding, and the like… He made a company, but it recently came under fire for a PR disaster. He got all over the internet before he realized the company’s mistake, and is now scrambling to clean up his mess, but it may be too late!! Find his Twitter Account and investigate! NOTE THAT THESE CHALLENGES DO NOT HAVE DO BE DONE IN ORDER!”

search “Chaplin Chaplin Coding” on twitter and you will get one result


Now go to the “view lists” under the three dots next to follow (You need an account to see it)

You’ll find the flag in the second list https://twitter.com/i/lists/1416876734578929664

Flag: uiuctf{pe@k_c0medy!}
Published on : 12 Aug 2021