OSINT The Creator

Solved by : choco

“There is a flag on a few of the organizer’s profiles. Find it!”

One of the most prominent organiser is thomas Search his username on discord in the uiuctf server and you’ll get the flag under his profile (it is a spoiler)

Flag: uiuctf{@b0uT_m3_suppOrT5_maRkD0wN}

Chaplin’s PR Nightmare - 1

Solved by : choco

“Charlie Chaplin has gotten into software development, coding, and the like… He made a company, but it recently came under fire for a PR disaster. He got all over the internet before he realized the company’s mistake, and is now scrambling to clean up his mess, but it may be too late!! Find his Twitter Account and investigate! NOTE THAT THESE CHALLENGES DO NOT HAVE DO BE DONE IN ORDER!”

search “Chaplin Chaplin Coding” on twitter and you will get one result


Now go to the “view lists” under the three dots next to follow (You need an account to see it)

You’ll find the flag in the second list https://twitter.com/i/lists/1416876734578929664

Flag: uiuctf{pe@k_c0medy!}

Chaplin’s PR Nightmare - 2

Solved by : choco

“Charlie made an advertisement to promote his company, he is using the modern media platform YouTube to present it! Can you find it?”

Searching up “Charlie Chaplin Coding” on google shows up this channel or the link is given from the previous challenge twitter account


Click on the only video there and there will be the flag at almost the end of the video

flag: uiuctf{ch@plin_oN_th3_tV!!}

Chaplin’s PR Nightmare - 3

Solved by : choco

“Charlie even has a website!!! Find it and look around! The inner content of this flag begins with “ch”

Under the youtube “about” page from above you’ll get the link to their website


Scroll down on the home page and you’ll see an album of 3 pictures of charlie If you look closely on the picture of charlie with a macintosh, you’ll get the flag https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/qa6GoXttPCeo63Stxl8lJUNzxXZQ-TEac2HGMLKDsd1h3pEoE6MvQCS1ZdZ-x41n2mP398ke75tKKAg1B5w6niI=w16383

Flag: uiuctf{ch@pl1n_i5_eL337}

Chaplin’s PR Nightmare - 4

Solved by : choco

“Charlie left another flag on his company’s website. Maybe you have to reach out to him??? The inner content of this flag begins with “w3””

under the contact page you’ll see a google form to fill


Just submit the form (can be empty) and you’ll get the flag

Flag: uiuctf{w3_d0_nOt_v@lu3_yoUR_1nPuT}

Chaplin’s PR Nightmare - 5

Solved by : choco

“Charlie also has an imgur account that may hold the secret to his PR nightmare… Can you find it? The inner content of this flag begins with “tH”

Under the same website, Go to the about us page The last image there is actually uploaded from imgur


Go to their profile and check out their comment history Flag is in the first ever comment


Flag: uiuctf{tH3_pR_p0Lic3_h@vE_cAugHt_Up?!}

Chaplin’s PR Nightmare - 6

Solved by : choco

“Wow Charlie even set up a linkedin account, but not well it is kind of a mess. Is the PR nightmare here?? The inner content of this flag begins with “pr”“ This time you should go to linkedin to search up their name.

I searched up “C3D” as specified from their website to get their profile


Go to their owners page and under his profile he’ll mention “I ran a event called “Top Hat Development Night”. It was very cool, you can find it on linkedin still search it up”

Search up “Top Hat Development Night” under events and you’ll get the event and flag under it


Flag: uiuctf{pr0f3s5iOn@l_bUs1n3sS_envIroNm3n7}

Chaplin’s PR Nightmare - 7

Solved by : choco

“Chaplin left some code up on GitHub which may be the actual PR nightmare I hope not though… Leaked code is bad. Find it!!! The inner content of this flag begins with “th”

Now this time search up “Charlie Chaplin” and there should be only 4 results under user you’ll figure out the profile under https://github.com/charliechaplindev

Scroll down their history and you’ll see an issue stating “ SECRET KEY SECRET KEY THIS IS BAD THIS IS BAD” Click on that and you’ll get the flag

Flag: uiuctf{th3_TrUe_pR_N1gHtm@r3}

Chaplin’s PR Nightmare - 8

Solved by : Starry-Lord

Straightup doxx Charlie by finding the email he set all these accounts up with, and investigate it. The inner content of this flag begins with “b0”

So now to find Charlie Chaplin dev ‘s e-mail address I used github.


Remove the dot patch extension for regular layout.

Then I used the good old article https://medium.com/week-in-osint/getting-a-grasp-on-googleids-77a8ab707e43

And found contributions on Google maps at this location :