Sdctf 2022


Solved by: Avantika(iamavu)

Mann Hunt

We were on the trail of a notorious hacker earlier this week, but they suddenly went dark, taking down all of their internet presence...All we have is a username. We need you to track down their personal email address! It will be in the form ****.sdctf@gmail.com. Once you find it, send them an email to demand the flag!


We have a username mann5549, I checked in discord server, but couldn’t find anything

Let’s try to find social media accounts, usually I go with instant-username-search From there I got the twitter - https://twitter.com/mann5549

Which had the following website - https://mann.codes, though I couldn’t really find much on that website, even checked in WayBack Machine Coding reminded me of GitHub, so I went and did a GitHub search for mann5549 but no such user, I though I should also query for the website name itself (mann.codes) and I found the user. YAY.

Visiting the repository, and going through commits and specifically this file [src/components/seo.js](https://github.com/manncyber/manncodes.github.io/commit/e81f6315e6a1ecc2277246547f85f3c9e0ebf11e#diff-46bb1d99a93bc5b6f63d50361abac9cc4c09038b92b77536c85a93ff2f8fc401) I found a name

Let’s google this name and we get a LinkedIn the first search itself - https://www.linkedin.com/in/emanuel-hunt-34749a207/

A google drive file, let’s see what it is - https://drive.google.com/file/d/10No4G_5iv2t5jxbvg2-weXkFouZrnQtg/view No email sadly here D: but then I remembered we can look up metadata of google drive file via google’s API and possibly get the email let’s go to the Google API website - https://developers.google.com/drive/api/v3/reference/files/get

Reading the documentation, I realised we need the fileID, which is just present in the URL itself and we need to tell the API to show all possible field of metadata

Hit execute and boom we get the email ID - mann.sdctf@gmail.com Now send a email to ID asking for flag, and soon we get a autoreply with the flag

FLAG - **sdctf{MaNN_tH@t_w@s_Ann0YinG}**

P.S.: Alternate way to check for docs email:

Published on : 10 May 2022