Sdctf 2021

hIDe and seek 2

Solved By : Ava and nigamelastic

  • I’ve gotten some more good intel. Apparently, the following information is the location of another flag!
First piece of info : gg/4KcDWnUYMs

Second piece of info : 810237829564727312-810359639975526490
  • the first piece is obviously discord:
  • on opening the channel we see

  • which seems to be flag format, I am guessing that starts with 1 till 9999.

Rabbit Hole

The second part is obviously a unix time stamp:

810237829564727312 is Mon 4 September 1995 18:03:49.564 UTC


810359639975526490 is Wed 6 September 1995 03:53:59.975 UTC
  • my guess was to check the chats between the times mentioned, but they aren’t matching

  • sdctf{m@st3R_h@Ck3R_1995} –> randomly tried its incorrect

  • however thanks to Ava we found it was a rabbit hole! below is the correct way to solve it.

  • The numbers actually specify the discord links
  • usually the discord message links are something like this : https://discord.com/channels/675369276403744776/782835136654737429/840472812690210826

  • there are three numbers, i am just taking guess :
    • first number is for server
    • second seems for the channel
    • third seems for message
  • we copy link for any message from the server we found and replace the last two numbers with the one given to us in the challenge
  • https://discord.com/channels/810237829564727308/810237829564727312/810359639975526490
  • boom, we get the right message
Published on : 10 May 2021