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Never gonna tell a lie and type you

Solved by : thewhiteh4t

  • we are given a simple PHP site which contains a single page
  • errors are enabled so that helps in debugging
  • first the server expects a specific user agent :
if ($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] != "friendlyHuman"){
    die("we don't tolerate toxicity");
  • we can easily change the User-Agent header to friendlyhuman
  • second the server expects POST request with “data” key
$user_input = json_decode($_POST["data"]); 
  • to satisfy this we will add the following in headers :
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • next the server expects a specific username, a password in the form of a number and a command :
if($user_input->{'user'} === "admin🤠") {
        if ($user_input->{'password'} == securePassword($user_input->{'password'})  ){
            echo " hail admin what can I get you ". system($user_input->{"command"});
  • as we can see the password is compared with the result of securePassword function and the command is passed to a system call
  • and the vulnerability lies in the double comparison : ==
  • now let’s look at the password function :
function securePassword($user_secret){
    if ($user_secret < 10000){
        die("nope don't cheat");
    $o = (integer) (substr(hexdec(md5(strval($user_secret))),0,7)*123981337);
    return $user_secret * $o ;
  • function expects input as INT and it should not be less that 10K
  • then it uses strval to convert input to string which is passed to md5 which calculates an md5sum which is then passed to hexdec which converts to a hexadecimal string and then finally it is passed to substr which takes first 7 characters of the result
  • the result is multiplied by another large number and the result of that is finally multiplied by our password input
  • in PHP when we pass a very large number which is beyond its maximum limit it converts it to float(INF) i.e. infinite
  • when we pass it the password function the result is also of the form INF and the condition satisfies :

Published on : 02 Jun 2024