Cyber Apocalypse 2021

Inspector gadget

Solved by: Bobby sox and ava

  • Visiting the webpage we see a part of a flag: CHTB{

  • If we keep looking around the pages, we find in /static/js/main another part of the flag:

  • This in combination with the flag on the website is not the correct flag so far.
  • static/css/main.css has another potential hint at the top with: c4n_r3ve4l_
  • so, so far we have collected 3 pieces of a flag:
1. CHTB{
2. us3full_1nf0rm4tion}
3. c4n_r3ve4l_ 
  • in js.main we will also find the last piece of our flag:1nsp3ction_
  • the full flag ended up being :CHTB{1nsp3ction_c4n_r3ve4l_us3full_1nf0rm4tion}
Published on : 24 Apr 2021